6:59 Takes care of everything Remember how it feels when
someone takes care of everything?

When you choose 6:59 to Design, Plan & Deliver your home project, our brilliant team will be by your side.

Renovating your home is one of the most exciting ventures but in reality, it can be quite a daunting experience, littered with potential pitfalls.  Having experienced some (if not most) of these pitfalls as clients, 6:59 was created to revolutionise the way this industry works and to help people transform their homes in a transparent, hassle free and professional way.

The first project was the founder’s own home, which led to our first principle – “no one working in your home who we wouldn’t have working in ours”.

How can 6:59 Builders help you?

If you’re looking to renovate, extend or refurbish your home and you’re perhaps short of the time or experience to plan and run such a project. If you also expect a great quality of service from a brilliant team of people and of course, a beautiful end product, then 6:59 can help.

Equally, if you simply need some smaller works undertaken in your home (by the same, brilliant people who deliver our larger projects), then we can help with that too.

“apparently their cleaner complains about everybody that comes into the house – but she thought your team of builders were absolutely fantastic” … told to us by a client’s neighbour (good news travels fast!) – Checkout more genuine reviews here.

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The 6:59 Construction Services

Our team of people is our business and our reputation, which is why we hand pick our members very carefully, and invest in their portfolio of skills and experiences.

We have all of the skills and expertise within our talented team to run your project end to end. From architects and designers to get things underway, through builders to decoration and interior design for those important finishing touches. Equally, if it's just a small piece of work you need (single piece of joinery, small plumbing or electrical work, roof repairs etc), give us a call, as we can usually help with that too ...

Architecture & Design
Interior Design
Planning & Building Control
Carpentry & Joinery
Plumbing & Electrical

Why 6:59?

– A brilliant, reliable and trustworthy team of people who you will be happy to have working in your home.

– Total price transparency at the outset and then throughout your project for any changes.

– Clear plans on what we will do, by when.

– Our ‘End to End, Design, Plan & Deliver’ approach means no waiting between gaining your planning/ building permissions and starting your work – We plan your works whilst we design … and we schedule to start delivering as soon as you get approval.

– Whether it’s Beaconsfield, Holmer Green, Hazlemere, Penn & Tylers Green, Walters Ash, Downley, Naphill or any other town in or near High Wycombe, we’re local builders and you can’t beat local, the chances are you’ll know someone we know and that adds another level of trust and assurance that we won’t let you down!

6:59 Construction & Home Improvement

Meet our brilliant team of 6:59 ers

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