Project Scotland : Small But Perfectly Formed

One of our most challenging and ambitious projects yet. The transformation of a small, dated and very tired studio flat in Islington – originally a bakery in the early 1900’s. All the external walls and the roof were removed to lift the roof height, to create a second storey ‘sleeping platform’. It’s now a one bedroomed ‘micro apartment’ with a second sleeping platform to the front. The space has been completely remodelled to create a separate and stylish kitchen area, bathroom and lounge. The old flat roof was replaced with a beautiful Welsh Slate, shallow pitched roof with opening window.  The original main windows were replicated with new high performance, timber units to restore the property back to it’s original heritage… It even has the old bakery signage to complete the restoration !  It’s a truly transformational, innovative use of space, with multiple clever techniques and design touches – it is truly amazing what can be achieved in such a small area.

This was our first project within the heart of London and one which gives us the skills and experience to do more – most of the people in the street have asked us if we can now do theirs ! Maybe you have a small space which would benefit from a 6:59 transformation?  A small, dark apartment?  A room above the garage …  Or a disused garden building?  Call or email us for help in transforming your small spaces…