Project Mears : Family Space & Grace

A ‘top to bottom’ home transformation project to create significantly more and improved family living space in this wonderful, Gerrards Cross home.

Adding two new beautiful en-suite bedrooms into the previously unused loft space, complete with 5 roof windows and two dormer windows (which look like they’ve been there for ever). We also remodelled the first floor to accommodate a continuous flow of stairs through the centre of the home, also adding a dressing room to the master bedroom and opening up a set of smaller rooms to create a larger guest room at the rear on the first floor.  On the ground floor, we completely overhauled the staircase to transform the entrance and to bring a more open, ‘grander’ feel to the stairs.  Outside, we filled in a tired, unused swimming pool and created a large, turfed area for the children and all of the family to enjoy, as well as opening up the other end of the garden and creating smart new fencing.

This was our first 6:59 project for clients (other than ourselves) and like them, we think you’ll agree – a pretty fine job